Heinz Hilgert

Over 30 years of Experience in the domestic Banking Industry

Born in 1953, Heinz Hilgert spent all his professional  life in the Banking Industry. After graduating from the University of Duisburg (Diplom-Ökonom) in 1979 he successfully spent a year in the Credit Training Course at Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. in London and New York.  His first assignments followed in Frankfurt, where he served as Senior Relationship Manger in the Global Automotive and Aerospace Division of the Chase Manhattan Bank. From 1986 to 1996 he was at Sal. Oppenheim Jr. & Cie, Frankfurt setting up and  running the Trading Divison of Sal. Oppenheim in Frankfurt.  He had a direct reporting line to Karl-Otto Pöhl, the former President of the Deutsche Bundesbank in his capacity as Speaker of the Board of the personally liable Partners. In 1996, Heinz joined SGZ Bank AG in Frankfurt and was promoted to the Board of Directors of SGZ Bank in 1997.

His responsibilities as  Board Member of SGZ Bank AG included Investment Banking, Asset Management and Treasury.  Heinz was instrumental  to facilitate the consolidation of the cooperative central banks in Germany. In 1999 SGZ Bank AG merged with GZB Bank AG to form GZ Bank AG, where Heinz held  same responsibilities in the Board of Directors as before. In 2001 GZ Bank AG merged with DG Bank AG to form DZ Bank AG, today representing the third largest banking Group in Germany and the only truly integrated financial conglomerate in Germany.  His responsibilities included the Chair of the Supervisory Board of Union Asset Management, Frankfurt, Teambank AG in Nuremberg,  DZ Bank International in Luxemburg and DZ Privatbank in Zurich.

Heinz left DZ Bank late 2007 as Deputy CEO of the Group and joined in Spring 2008 WestLB AG as CEO. He designed in close cooperation with the European Commission, the German Government , the German Banking Regulator and the Deutsche Bundesbank a restructuring plan for the ailing Bank which did not get the full consent of the shareholders. Heinz stepped down as CEO of WestLB in May 2009.

After the exit from WestLB AG, Heinz has set up TransVise GmbH as a Business Consultant and assumes responsibilities as an Independent Director and Senior Advisor for a broad range of international financial institutions.